A Book of General Knowledge and Awareness Exploring the World through Knowledge: Connecting Real-World Concepts

INFACT GK, where we believe that learning should be a journey that connects students with the real world. Our General Knowledge (GK) books are not just pages of facts; they are gateways to understanding and engaging with the world around us.

Empowering Inquisitive Minds

At INFACT, we understand that knowledge is not static. It's a dynamic force that shapes our lives and our planet. Our GK books are designed to foster curiosity, critical thinking, and a deep sense of connection to the world.

Real-World Awareness

Our approach to GK goes beyond the ordinary. We dive into topics like the "Need for Trees," "Building Sustainable Villages," "Understanding Passports," "Deciphering FIRs," "Measuring Water Footprints," and "Nurturing Entrepreneurship." These aren't just words on paper; they are keys to unlocking a deeper understanding of the world's complexities and opportunities.

Fostering Civic Responsibility

We believe that an informed society is an empowered society. Through our GK books, we aim to create responsible citizens who understand their roles in making the world a better place. Topics like sustainability and civic responsibility are at the heart of our mission.

Connecting the Dots

We encourage students to connect the dots between what they learn in the classroom and the world they live in. Our books provide the knowledge and tools to navigate the real world, whether it's understanding the importance of trees in combating climate change or the principles of entrepreneurship.

Join the Journey

Join us on this enlightening journey of knowledge and awareness. Together, we can raise a generation of students who not only excel academically but also actively engage with the world, making informed choices, and becoming champions of positive change.

Explore our range of GK books that bridge the gap between the classroom and the real world. Let's embark on this adventure of learning, awareness, and growth.


Values & Skills for LIFE
Nurturing Values and Skills: A Journey of Discovery

We believe that values and skills are the building blocks of character and success. We've embarked on a unique journey of teaching values that resonate with children from Grade 1 to Grade 8.

Learning Through Life's Narratives

For our young learners in Grade 1 to 3, we've harnessed the wisdom of "Mom's Scolding." We understand that mom's words, although stern at times, often carry profound life lessons. Through relatable stories and examples, we help these little ones grasp the values that will guide them through life's adventures.

Games and Animal Tales

In Grade 4 and 5, it's all about engaging with the world through "Games and Animal Tales." These captivating narratives and interactive experiences introduce values through the lens of playful games and the enchanting lives of animals. Learning becomes an exciting adventure!

Real-World Role Models

For our budding Grade 6 to 8 students, we turn to the world around us. Our program draws inspiration from the lives and experiences of various professionals, from sculptors to milkmen, doctors to drivers, watchmen, and many more. We believe that every profession offers valuable lessons in values and skills that are essential for a well-rounded education.


According to Indian Trade Council, 66 % of Indian graduates are completely unemployable. If engineering graduates are neglected, then 85-90 % of graduates are unemployable.

INFACT IDENTITY focuses on solving the above stated issue through a customized skill training right from the school age. Finding individual’s skill and potential is the 1st step of this program. And enhancing the same through various profession related activities and assignments is the 2nd step. Finally students can choose their career with their own perspective.

Knowing oneself better is the pathway for real success. INFACT IDENTITY tries to accomplish the same.